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We offer pool equipment from Dolphin pool clears to Davey pool pumps.

Robust & Bullet Proof

Power Master

A robust, extra heavy duty pool pump, with optimal performance, with models to suit up to 170,000 litre pools. Ideal for both in-ground and above ground pools, as well as lap pools, concrete and tile pools, fibreglass pools, swim jet installation and even in-floor cleaning systems – the PowerMaster delivers powerful pumping for all your swimming needs.


Power Master Eco

A robust, reliable and energy-efficient pool pump, with low running costs and exceptional performance. Perfectly suited to all pool sizes and applications, the PowerMaster ECO has low noise output and low greenhouse gas emissions for the climate conscious buyer.

A little life saver for Aussie pools

Power Master Eco

Introducing the Davey ChloroMatic Nipper, a clever and compact salt water chlorinator that uses Davey’s intelligent controls to keep your pool waters swim-ready, all year long.

Designed in Australia, the sleek and ergonomic Nipper salt water chlorinator is a breeze to install and is energy efficient, so it won’t push your budget off the deep end. No matter the type of salt your pool uses, whether its natural, mineral or low salt, Nipper’s user-friendly modes let you tailor your chlorine output throughout the seasons, to ensure your pool water is at the standard you want, when you want it.

Perfect pool water

Ecomatic Comm Original

Getting perfect pool water for your commercial pool is vital not only for your patrons’ safety but their enjoyment too. Davey offers a range of salt water chlorinators, pumps and filters which can create natural and clean swimming water.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right sized system including; pool size, bather load, climate, water temperature, pool location, filtration time and other conditions.

Our commercial team at Davey can be contacted anytime to further enquire about your specific needs.

Simple & Compact

Eco Pure Media Filter

Economical, reliable and easy to use – the Davey EcoPure Media Filters are the answer to automatic pool sanitising, for safe and sparkling clean pool water.

Quiet, reliable pool heating

Davey Heat Pumps

Davey’s new heat pumps for residential pools offer the perfect combination of simplicity, WiFi connectivity, excellent value and super quiet operation.

The new pumps are available in 9kW and 13 kW sizes, both designed to be highly efficient and extremely quiet, rated down to 40dBa – the kind of sound level you’d usually find in a library.

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